Pinkie Pie’s Party

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My Little Brony

If your thumb is sore from swiping left, you might want to consider looking somewhere a little more niche. These stupidly specific sites are designed to help you find lurve with someone who shares the same passion as you, be it the great outdoors, eating vegetables, beards or My Little Pony. Love romancing but dread the awkward moment your date presents you with a surprise bowl of pasta?

Internet affairs are often discovered because the trace of e-mails and chat room Dating sites (some designed specifically for married individuals looking for discover new art and media surrounding the show My Little Pony: Friendship is.

Jonathan, founder of Bronymate. What was the inspiration behind developing the new site? We are a open and accepting community, where we believe many friendships and relationships can easily thrive. We wanted to create a platform where we could facilitate and encourage those relationships to grow. We all know how awkward it can be to meet people online, so why not give you a great head start by already knowing that the person you are contacting shares something in common with you.

It not only establishes a initial connection to the other person, it also makes it that much easier to write that first message when you already have something to talk about. It means you are accepting of all people around you, embracing diversity, as opposed to opposing it. It means cherishing friendship. It means encouraging charity. This is clearly reflected in the way that they have portrayed the fandom.

12 ridiculously niche dating sites that prove there’s hope for us all

So they kicked off their recent Bronycon gathering in Baltimore with a crash course on dealing with the media, from which a couple helpful pointers emerged:. Certain publications of a conservative bent have been quick to smear Bronies. Jake is a communications specialist for the Army with a stuffed Pinkie Pie toy perched on his shoulder, which perfectly complements his camo-toned biker vest.

But fate intervened again and guided my fingers to the internet, and There have been four generations of My Little Pony toys, dating back to.

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International Pony Day

Rivalries, feuds, etc. Cathy Weseluck mentions on Twitter that Ember is one of Spike’s “very best buddies”. In Part 2 , Trixie again refers to Starlight as her best friend. A picture of them together appears in Forever Filly.

Looking for a bae who likes My Little Pony as much as you do? be difficult to find that special someone in the hectic world of online dating.

Like you, I suppose, I never gave My Little Pony very much thought, except to note it as a species of annoying plastic object that flows into our apartment with an invisible tide and then gets stuck there and never flows out. Perhaps I noted the irony that most of the My Little Pony toys that drifted into our house were in fact hand-me-downs from older girls. And so it barely registered when this same daughter, now nearly 11, mentioned that she was devoted to the My Little Pony TV show , a cartoon on Discovery Family, a channel formerly known as the Hub and partly owned by Hasbro.

The truth is she more than mentioned it. She watched it all the time, this minute toy ad, racing through her homework to catch an episode before bed. And she proselytized, begging me to watch, insisting that it would exceed my expectations, but I shrugged her off. She mounted the stage and with trembling fingers read names off a scrap of paper, thanking a battalion of friends, colleagues, relations.

And then, gathering herself, she looked straight at the camera. Through My Little Pony she had started to love her friends more, and to be happier, and more grateful, in general; she credited her professional success to the inspiration of the ponies. Several weeks later, I was talking with a friend. Her year-old son had just finished an agonizing senior year and, having finally decided on Wesleyan as his college of choice, was going to celebrate that night with an old chum.

Their plan was to watch the ponies. But to focus too closely on the Brony phenomenon is to wade in shallow water and pretend to know the ocean. My daughter suggested that we start from the beginning, and so we did.

My little pony dating sim

Mlp Dating Game If you like what I draw, and would like to support me.. Add a Comment: Load All Images. No no, you choose B.

was created with the idea that as fans of the My Little Pony show, we all share something in common. We are a open and.

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Confession time: I’m a big fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is dating and relationships, especially with regard to the often-alarming.

The series is based on Hasbro ‘s My Little Pony line of toys and animated works and is often referred by collectors to be the fourth generation, or “G4”, of the My Little Pony franchise. Season 9 of the series premiered on April 6, , on Discovery Family, an American pay television channel partly owned by Hasbro , and concluded with a three-part series finale on October The final season focuses on Twilight preparing to become the new ruler of Equestria before Princess Celestia and Princess Luna’s retirement.

At the same time, an evil ram named Grogar recruits Twilight and her friends’ worst enemies in a plot to conquer Equestria. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Equestria Daily. Retrieved February 17, Retrieved September 24, Retrieved February 16,

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