Georgian and Victorian Cameos

The goddess Nyx [Night] floats through the night sky, cradling in her arms her two children, Hypnos [Sleep] and Thanatos [Death]. In a time when antique jewelry continues to show up on modern ready-to-wear runways and renowned auction houses are targeting a new generation of customers, certain period jewels are witnessing a resurgence. Cameos that date back for centuries are seeing a revival among novice and avid antique jewelry collectors. Cameos depicted stories, mainly based on ancient mythology. The power and fascination of those myths remain. Tales of love, loss, betrayal and heroic deeds are as intriguing today as they were in ancient times. Amedeo hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil monkey cameos. Although cameos date back to the days of Alexander the Great, they were popular through many periods and centuries. Rare examples that can be found outside of exhibitions and permanent collections include cameos crafted during the Victorian era.

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The Roman tradition of cutting cameos continued into the early Christian and Byzantine periods but in far fewer examples. Only a few large cameos with portraits of the Emperor and the imperial family survive, most dating from the Constantinian period. Most cameos of the late antique period 3rd to 6th centuries AD are small and cut with simple acclamations “May you live” or “Lord help” , often naming the owner. In the 6th century, some fine cameos depict religious images, notably the Annunciation and angels, while one unusual workshop produced cameos with Dionysiac imagery.

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I still daydream about the masterfully carved huge bigger than an egg brooches I saw in the Italian pavilion of the JCK Las Vegas show several years ago. I think cameos are ideal for making one-of-a-kind jewelry, even today. Their designs range from ancient to traditional to modern and whimsical have you seen the sugar skull and unicorn cameos? Jeanenne Bell, G. Here are the parts I found most interesting, to answer the most common questions about cameos.

The men wore them in watch fobs, rings, and pins.

How to Value and Date Your Vintage Cameo

Delivering the news jewelers need since This necklace and set of five brooches are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Made of shell and gold, they date back to about and were a gift of the Misses Cornelia and Susan Dehon in memory of Mrs. Sidney Brooks. New York–Iconic jewelry trends have a way of resurfacing through the centuries, and the cameo is a perfect example.

In order to even begin to date a cameo, you will need a jeweler’s loupe. Study the piece under the loop carefully. First off, determine whether it.

Many different materials were used for carving cameos. These stones, with layers of different colors, allowed for depth and nuance in the carvings. Tropical helmet shell was extensively used for its good color contrast and depth of layers. The Cassus rufus variety was white and pink, the Cassus madagascariensis had white and brown layers. The depth of the white layer in the helmut shell was sufficient to allow very high relief with lots of detail. The methods used for carving these two types of cameos were as vastly different as the materials themselves.

Hardstone was cut on a specialty lathe with steel drills and wheels. Carvings using this process took months to complete. Shell cameos could be carved by hand with a burin or engraving tool, taking only days to complete a magnificent carving.


Cameos have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history. The first iteration of cameos can be traced as far back as 15, B. Authentic cameo pendants are still highly valued and collected today, lending way for waves of unique interpretations of this quintessential vintage jewelry staple. Collectors have access to a wide variety of cameos on the market today, each with its own detailed artwork and rich history.

Onyx Cameo Pendant. A cameo is a hard or precious gemstone —often agate or onyx—carved in relief so that the figures project from a supporting background.

Here are 8 easy to follow steps to tell if your cameo is vintage and what you found in the dusty corner of that little antique shop on the corner?

Cameos have been treasured throughout the ages. They are made from hand carved shell, agate, marble, coral and precious gemstones, and even made from volcano lava. Early Cameo History. They might depict the portrait of the King or Ruler of the time therefore showing political allegiance of the wearer , or show a religious icon.

Cameos were also used as amulets and charms to guard against evil spirits and promote good luck. The main materials used in the making of ancient cameos were precious gemstones and hard-stones such as marble and agates — back then, shell cameos were considered inferior imitations only to be worn by the poor. The Cameo Jewellery Golden Era.

Why We Love Cameos

With women. The delicate features carved into gorgeous shells and other material seem so magical. I once had a very good friend several decades older that had an unbelievable Cameo collection. One day, as she felt she was nearing the end of her life, she offered me my pick.

Emperor and the imperial family survive, most dating from the Constantinian period. Most cameos of the late antique period (3rd to 6th centuries AD) are small​.

Come with us on a journey into the history and beauty of this iconic piece. Although shell cameos are more prevalent, stones and gems preceded shells as the preferred carving medium. Hardstone a broad term referring to many different kinds of semi-precious stones was favored for its durability, however, it was considerably more difficult to carve.

Onyx cameo depicting Queen Victoria. Shell, being a softer medium, provided a much more conducive carving material for cameo artists. Shell cameos became popular through Empress Josephine and Queen Victoria, who wore them as casual, everyday pieces.

Cameos, Intaglios and The Left Facing Ladies

Jewelry trends are cyclical; everything old eventually becomes new and cool again. Cameo jewelry is elegant and iconic. But with rising popularity comes an increase in imitation pieces.

Find customizable Vintage Cameo invitations & announcements of all sizes. Pick your favorite Antique Cameo Photo Save the Date Invitation. 2 colors.

Large cameo on the lower left is likely the oldest. Made in gold fill with a pin that extends past the brooch and does not have a safety. The coral cameo upper middle appears to be from the Art Nouveau period based on the scroll work and symmetry of the mounting. They are surprisingly abundant and produced with several different materials, so a great variety of types and motif’s exist. The most common material is shell. So when did the Cameo come to be?

How to Identify an Antique Cameo

If so, you understand that each and every cameo is a miniature work of art. Whether carved in carnelian shell or the rare sardonyx shell, mother-of-pearl or agate, cameos have an exquisite classic beauty that has held the attention of generations. At The Cameo Collection, we sell some of the finest cameos in the world. Imported from the city of Torre del Greco, Italy, the center of cameo carving in the world—our cameos come directly from the studio of the master carver Gennaro Borriello, who employs trained artisan carvers.

The author provides captivating color pictorial examples of this wearable art form, and clues to circa-dating antique and vintage cameos. As a bonus.

The most famous websites show you antique cameos, old and vintage: the word “victorian” is used more for identify a style more than the real age of a product. Every cameo in these websites is described as old, estate, victorian, edwardian or things like this. I don’t wanna go too much in depth in this polemic but I can say that online there are more victorian cameos than cameos done in these times..

Let’s anyway call things with their proper name: and let’s call plastic or FAKE what has nothing to deal with the real Italian art of cameo jewelry. I think I can easily answer to the first one with this post on my blog So let’s reveal 3 simple tricks you should use Why this happen? Easy to answer: there was not pollution and that’s why conch shells were better and thicker.

Just think about to a roman or a greek sculpture, think about Renaissance, think about Michelangelo’s David, think about Canova’s masterpieces. Every cameo is different and need to be looked like an unique artistic masterpiece: the tricks I gave you are basically main guidelines to start an appraisal in the best way.

How to Identify Real Cameo Jewelry

Last Updated: August 16, References Approved. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed , times. Learn more The cameo is a very elegant piece of jewelry that has recently come back into fashion, but due to its popularity, there are more realistic imitations nowadays than ever before.

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Could a follow up be organised and posted sometime please Administrators?. A long Greco- Roman nose indicates it was probably made before Garnet Jewelry. Hi I have got an eternity gold ring that I think is Dating cameos jewelry for sale old. Here are often wore cameos dating again after. I hope to put it to good use.

If it depicts a classical gor it is probably from the 18th or 19th centuries. I have had an ongoing fascination with rhinestones since I was a child. Running this material under hot water will cause it to emit a strong burnt rubber smell. A shell will have a curved back. Dating cameos jewelry for sale.

Cameos – History, Value, & Dating

Often carved into material that naturally has two contrasting colors, cameos actually date back to ancient times. By carving into a material until they hit the contrasting color, makers of cameos created a unique image. How old are they? The kinds of cameos that antique aficionados typically find will probably be from the Victorian era onward, but cameos date back to ancient times and were popular during the Renaissance, too.

5 Easy Clues for Dating Antique or Vintage Jewelry. Jewelry reflects the taste and attitude of every period in history. There are clues that can be.

A cameo is defined as an artistic pattern that is cut into a stone and stands in relief above the surface of the stone. Intaglios are often confused with cameos. In contrast, an intaglio is cut below the surface of the stone. Cameos are cut into shell, coral, lapis lazuli, lava and all types of gemstones. Cameos have been cut out of shells for hundreds of years. Generally cameos made out of shell are the most desired for jewelry.

Often the best cameos are carved into multi-layers of a shell or gemstone. Cameos were exceptionally popular in the mid to late s. Cameos are generally oval in shape. It is not uncommon to find cameos in other geometric shapes and they may be found in a large range of sizes from small rings or earrings to large decorative pieces.

At the end of the s women wore cameos to adorn their bodies in many different ways. They might have been worn as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts and headbands. Cameos would become larger and would feature mythological scenes.

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